Poverty Exists, So We Exist


Join us in bringing Hope to impoverished children, families, and communities in Kenya in the following ways:

Tumaini International is a faith-based non-profit dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children affected by the AIDS epidemic in Kenya, East Africa by providing life -changing services in the four following critical areas:


Child Sponsorship

The Child Sponsorship program is a main feature of our work. A key feature of the Sponsorship Program is that we do not build orphanages; we build partnerships.

Sponsors from around the world come alongside established guardians to provide financial support for the child within a stable, loving home. For just $38/month, a child is able to live with extended family or caring neighbors, receive medical care, food security, clothing and a complete education through high school or equivalent.

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Tumaini International offers education opportunities for our sponsored children through high school and beyond. Once a child is sponsored through Tumaini International, he or she will remain in the program until completion of high school or vocational training.

We are investing in quality education by not only sponsoring hundreds of children, but by also building our own signature high schools. Our goal is to make these boarding high schools centers of academic excellence to give hope to our sponsored kids as well as those in the surrounding communities and indeed, across Kenya.

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We currently operate a walk-in medical clinic that has proved critical for treating sponsored children, especially those who are HIV-positive or battling AIDS. The medical clinic also serves the surrounding communities with initial screening and treatment of illness and injuries and includes an onsite pharmacy and lab. Our goal is to expand the facility to a full service hospital in the near future.

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Socio-Economic Development

Tumaini International is invested in reducing extreme poverty through a variety of socio-economic programs designed to provide job training and sustainable development to unemployed youth and women. Our mission is to provide new economic alternatives for people facing extreme poverty through formal groups that are organized as Community Based Organization (CBO) models. Examples include greenhouse farming, tailoring, grain milling, poultry raising, and more.

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

Learn about the Tumaini International Girls High School, a premiere boarding schools for girls.


child Sponsorship

Preventing Poverty

We do not build orphanages. We believe that all children should be loved, nurtured, and protected in a family environment, not an institution.  Our model is to place children in the loving care of responsible relatives- either grandparents, surviving parents, aunts/uncles, or caring neighbors- and we partner with these guardians to assist them in meeting the family's basic needs.  The children are then able to grow up in a loving home and retain the values of family and community.  

Once a child enters the Tumaini program, he/she continues to receive our services until he/she completes high school (or equivalent).

Mitigating extreme poverty starts with a child sponsorship which gives a child the resources they need to break free of cyclic poverty empowering them, their family, and their communities. It starts today.

If we all sponsored one child, we would make a significant difference!
— Amanda S.

I sponsor 5 children and have 5 alumni children. Amazing organization. I have visited all my children I’m planning to go back this coming year.
— Paula B.
Tumaini International is our family’s service organization of choice, and the work they are doing is changing lives in Kenya. We are happy to support!
— Eric H.

Tumaini brings hope to children and families in need in an organic, make-sense sort of way that empowers them to achieve their potential and become self-sufficient and productive in their own context. We love Tumaini!
— Mike C.

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