Vision Trip

Is Visiting Africa on your bucket list? 

Want to experience Tumaini first hand? Vision Trips are designed to do just that! During the 14 day trip to South East Kenya, you will experience Kenyan culture, enjoy exotic foods, see stunning sights, all while being immersed in unmatched Kenyan hospitality. 

We have a variety of activities and work projects for you and your team to engage in, including: 

  • visit homes & deliver food/supplies to the needy
  • help with mobile medical clinics
  • fund and assist with construction projects (home repair, greenhouse, etc.)
  • furnish a classroom with school supplies
  • lead a recreation session at summer camp

...and so much more!

I sponsor 5 children and have 5 alumni children. Amazing organization. I have visited all my children and I’m planning to go back this coming year.
— Paula

***Effective September 1st, 2015, the Kenya immigration department is no longer allowing visitors to apply for tourist or other forms of visas at the point of entry.  Apparently, due to increased terrorist activities all over the globe, this effort is to screen people before they even board the plane to Kenya.

What they require is that all visitors do an online application at  There are clear instructions and fairly a very simple process to follow.   Once one fills the online application, the turn-around period for approval is 24 hours and they email an e-visa to be presented together with passports at the point of entry.