Child Sponsorship

INTERESTED in becoming a sponsor?

Q: How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

A:$38 per month or $456 annually. 

Q: How long will I be required to sponsor my child?

Sponsorship continues through secondary school/grade 12, or the equivalent vocational training. The Kenyan school year ends in December, so we ask sponsors to continue support through the following June allowing the student time to transition to life on their own-- find a job, or go to college. For those students in vocational training, we ask sponsors to continue sponsorship for three months following completion to allow the child time to find employment. 

However, if you are unable to continue as a sponsor, we will do our best to find your child another sponsor. Once sponsored, a child is not dropped from the Tumaini program until they complete the program. Early notification helps us to prevent lapses in support for sponsored children.

Q: Can I write to my child?

Yes. Letters, cards, and family photos are encouraged! Please mail any correspondence (clearly labeled with your child’s name and ID#) to our U.S. office, P.O. Box 6072, Corona, CA 92878.

Q: Can I send any special gifts to my child?

Costs and delivery logistics prohibit sending gifts directly to your child. However, you may donate over and above your monthly sponsorship for birthday and Christmas gifts. In efforts to maximize your donation,  your gift funds wire to our Kenyan field staff where the actual purchase of said gift is made. These donations should be in check form indicating “birthday” or “Christmas” in the memo line or follow this link to give online.

Additionally, the purchase of livestock is of great value in supporting your child’s family. Current rates for livestock are $225 for a cow, $65 for a goat, and chickens at $25. Please contact our office if you have any other gift requests. 
*Note: If you are traveling to Kenya on a Tumaini Vision Trip, you are welcome to bring a small gift for your sponsored child such as T-shirt, baseball cap, backpack, or candy. Check with your team leader for package size/weight restrictions. 

Types of Gifts

Read our Gift Acceptance Policy and our Graduate Gift Policy.

Q: Do you send monthly reminders or statements?

No. Tumaini does not send electronic receipts and year-end statements. If you desire, automatic recurring donations can be set up on this website. This payment method allows you to maintain security and control of the frequency and duration of your donations by managing any changes you desire. If you do online banking, it is possible to set up Tumaini as a payee and manage your donation that way (please use your child’s name or ID # as the account number).

*We have a new online processor allowing you to manage many of these features. Visit the Portal page for more information and registration.

Q: Can I pay for more than one month at a time?

Yes, you can set up a payment schedule that works best for you -- monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.  Visit your Portal or let us know what you want to do, and we will do our best to accommodate.