Pullover Project

Pullover sweaters are a key component of the uniform for Kenyan primary grade students. Though sponsored children receive one pullover sweater a year, this staple of their uniform gets worn out quickly so they would be grateful to have an additional sweater for their upcoming winter season.  

We have the perfect way for you, your friends, family, and co-workers to bring hope to children by purchasing pullovers just in time for their Kenyan winter by participating in the Pullover Project!


Our goal is to raise $6,000 from May 1st-May 31st providing one sweater to all 600 Tumaini primary students.


Image 2.jpeg

Host party

This is a perfect opportunity to host a pullover party!  Imagine the possibilities – You’ve heard of the ugly Christmas Sweater party…. Well how about taking that concept or including one of these fun twists on the theme for you and your friends:

  • Pizza Pullover Party
  • Pasta Pullover Party
  • Pinot Pullover Party
  • Pullover Pool Party
  • Pullover Picnic
  • Pullover Paint Party

Pullovers can be purchased for only $10. You and your guests can bring hope with a small donation and a fun event for everyone! We recommend downloading the media/graphics kit via the button below to make your event even more successful.


pennies for pullovers

Another way to get involved is setting up a Pennies for Pullovers jar and collecting change. This is a great option for those working in a busy office or wanting to get the whole family involved. No donation is too small!


Give now

Donate now by visiting the campaign page or texting the number below. Remember to use #pulloverproject17 when sharing on social! 

Text to Give: 562-444-1216