Q. Policy on Fundraising

Tumaini is grateful for individuals and businesses that independently wish to raise funds for our organization.  All such fundraising should be for the organization or support projects within our 4-pillars:  Child Sponsorship, Education, Healthcare and Socio-Economic Development.  There are online programs and resources we can offer for such fundraising.  

We regret that we are unable to offer fundraising platforms for individual trip costs. Any funds raised are to be used for Tumaini programs and not contingent upon an individual’s participation.

For more info or specificities, send us an email.

Q. What are Vision Trips?

A. Vision Trips are opportunities for people to travel to Kenya and see first hand what Tumaini is doing in Kenya while participating in bringing hope. Tumaini International views Vision Trips as unique opportunities to witness the particular needs of developing countries and see what is already being done in those areas while discover your niche for service.

Q. When can I go for Vision Trip?

A. We typically offer 14-day Vision Trips during the months of June, July, & August with various additional off-season opportunities at different times throughout the year. Please send us an email for dates of trips. 

Q: Can I intern or volunteer for Tumaini International?

A: Yes! Tumaini International volunteer opportunities exist at our office in Lakewood, California. Volunteers assist with a full range of clerical and office tasks along with staffing special events throughout the year. 

A: Limited Internship opportunities exist both locally and abroad. 

If you are interested in becoming an intern or volunteer, please contact a staff member to work with you to see how your talents can be of use within our program. See contact info below in footer. 

Q: What is Tumaini International's photo usage policy?

A: Tumaini International works with voluntary photographers who participate in Vision Trips to Kenya. They have agreed to provide the organization with images to be used for our publications and Web site only. We ask that you do not reuse or copy our images since they are the property of the photographer or Tumaini.