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Child Sponsorship

As a Child Sponsor, you provide life changing assistance to a vulnerable child who has lost one or both parents to AIDS.  Your tax deductible donation is used to help provide the basic needs of your sponsored child, plus some extras throughout the year.
We do not build orphanages. We believe that all children should be loved, nurtured, and protected in a family environment, not an institution.  Our model is to place children in the loving care of responsible relatives: grandparents, aunts/uncles or caring neighbors; and we partner with these guardians to assist them in meeting the family's basic needs.  The children are then able to grow up in a loving home and retain the values of family and community.  

If you are unsure if you can commit to giving $35 every month, there are two options you can do to still get involved: 

  • Sponsor an older Child
    • There are many older children (in their teens) in the program who need sponsors too. Since Tumaini supports children from the time they are sponsored until they are independant and fully functioning adults (ideally), if you wish to sponsor for a shorter period of time while making a huge impact, this plan is right for you! Contact us for more information and available children or visit the featured children page
  • Give to General Fund
    • Instead of giving $35/month to a specific child, you can give to whoever needs the resources the most at the time! If you want to give but are unsure if the commitment of the Child Sponsorship is right for you then the general fund is for you! Click here to give or check out our FAQ page...

Non-Recurring Donations

General Fund: 

Did you know that once a Tumaini child is sponsored, that child is not dropped before they complete their program-- even if their sponsor stops making payments?  We are committed in continuing to provide each child with the same care and essential services.

Each month, there are approximately 50 kids who lose their sponsors but still need to receive essential services and care. These funding lapses translate to about $1,750 creating a deficit in our programs. This money has to then be redirected from our General Fund every month. 

A small donation today goes a long way

Specific Gifts

  • Food Package: $25

  • Goat: $65

  • Solar Lamp: $70

  • Cow: $310

Programs and other donations

Socio-Economic Development Giving (CBOs)

Current Partner Projects: Tumanthane Group, Wumiisyo wa aka ndiwa Women Group, Wumiisyo wa aka Women Group, Mwangaza Women Group, Manza Women Group, Kazana Women Group, Tumaini Women Group

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More Ways to Donate:

Have a timeshare, season tickets, a private practice/service, company discounts, or access to in demand items? Donate them to our silent auction for the annual fall Gala. Due to the significant sum of money raised at the Gala, many essential services and costly items can be provided that typically would be unattainable. Lastly, any connections to discounted goods or services are of value. 


Contact us for more details regarding goods and services.