Q: What is Tumaini International? What do you do?

A. Tumaini ("Too-My-EE-Nee") is a Kiswahili word meaning hope. Tumaini International is a faith-based organization providing basic needs of living to orphans and vulnerable children who have been affected by AIDS in Kenya. Most of our work is in the Eastern Province of Kenya. Tumaini International, Inc. is incorporated in the State of California under Section 501(c)3. (Tax ID # 91-215-7825). The organization is registered to operate in Kenya as Tumaini International Organization since 2003 before changing to Tumaini International Trust in 2012. 
Tumaini International exists to bring hope to AIDS orphans, their families, and communities in Kenya, Africa.  Our faith provides unconditional love for orphaned & vulnerable children, widows, and the poor through Child Sponsorship and Community Development Projects. Although we are a faith-based organization, we do not exclude service to anyone based on their religion.

Q. Who started Tumaini International?

A. Tumaini International Ministries began in the fall of 2001 by Stanley and Rose Mutunga. At the time Stanley was Dean of the Graduate School at Hope International University in Fullerton, California. Stanley and his wife, Rose, along with their three boys started Tumaini International in response to a growing need in their native country of Kenya of responding to orphaned children due to the AIDS epidemic. At the time, AIDS took nearly 700 people a day. Stanely and Rose began by assisting 15 orphans, and within a few years, they were supporting hundreds of children through Tumaini. For more of Stanley's story, click here. 

Q: How is Tumaini International funded?

A: Tumaini International does not rely on any funding from government grants. Tumaini is entirely funded by individuals, churches, businesses, foundations and community groups who want to reduce the suffering caused by the AIDS pandemic in Kenya, East Africa. See our 2016 Annual Report pdf for details. 

Q: Is there an annual report for 2016 i can view?

A: yes, click here

Q: How is Tumaini International governed? 

A: A Board of Directors, who meet biannually, govern Tumaini International providing oversight to the President/CEO.  Tumaini International is currently working on a plan to decentralize and establish Regional Boards. The first Regional Board has been established in Southern California.