Child Sponsorship

The child sponsorship program...

 is a main feature of our work. A key feature of the Sponsorship Program is that we do not build orphanages; we build partnerships.

Sponsors from around the world come alongside established guardians to provide financial support for the child within a stable, loving home. For just $38/month, a child is able to live with extended family or caring neighbors, receive medical care, food security, clothing and a complete education through high school or equivalent.

Through sponsorship, a child in need is given the gift of hope every day!


 We are able to provide the basic needs of food, safe shelter, clothing, medicine, education, counseling and spiritual guidance to AIDS-orphaned children through our child sponsorship program. 

As a Child Sponsor, you provide life-changing assistance to a vulnerable child who has lost one or both parents to AIDS.  Your tax-deductible donation is used to help provide the basic needs of your sponsored child, along a week long summer camp and other fun activities!


We do not build orphanages. We believe that all children should be loved, nurtured, and protected in a family environment, not an institution.  Our model is to place children in the loving care of responsible relatives- either grandparents, surviving parents, aunts/uncles, or caring neighbors- and we partner with these guardians to assist them in meeting the family's basic needs.  The children are then able to grow up in a loving home and retain the values of family and community.  

Once a child enters the Tumaini program, he/she continues to receive our services until he/she completes high school (or equivalent).

After your sponsored child completes high school, you are welcome to sponsor another needy child if you wish. Additional opportunities are also available to give to the College Scholarship Fund, which assists Tumaini graduates to help pay for extended education or vocational training. Imagine the tremendous difference such a small financial gift makes!