Most Favorite Week of the Year

If you ask most of our sponsored children and youth, they will tell you that the week they spend at camp together is the best and most memorable of the year.  And why not? They get to worship together, learn about God’s love, eat, play and do so much more together for an entire week.  We held this year’s camp for our high school students last week and some 255 high schoolers attended.  With each passing year, we are truly encouraged to see more and more alumni coming back to serve during these camps. For instance last week, among the teachers and counselors were 5 alumni. These big brothers and sisters are important role models for what the young ones aspire to become.

During the course of the week we endeavor to equip and encourage the students in multiple ways by bringing professionals in various fields, such as health and education as well as providing service opportunities to others in need.  It is a great time for the children to socialize and get to know each other and bond as they transition to adulthood.

Thank you everyone who invest both financially and prayerfully in these wonderful students. It costs us an average of $20 per student for an entire week of camp and I can’t think of a better investment. You are impacting the generation that will play critical roles both in their own communities and across the nation, and for some, even beyond! In a word, you are changing the world, one child, one youth, at a time.  Thank you all!