Why I Give Hope | Ron Archer

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When I was approached to write a few thoughts on “Why I Give Hope” I have to admit I was somewhat intimidated.  Then, as I began to think of what hoped meant and felt empowered.  Hope is a gift, given to all humanity through Christ.  Restoration of all things, relationally, physically, and spiritually because of Christ.  Our true identity found in the person of Christ.  These things are true of “our” story – each one of us.  It is when we function within hope that we find our true identity as followers of Jesus.  When we do, how can we not participate with others in that same journey of empowerment and equipping?

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So why do I give hope?  Because it was given to me.  So why Tumaini?  Because of their “hands up” approach to walking along side others as they find true identity of loved children of God.  This was very evident even with my first interactions with Tumaini – from my first encounters at its beginning through my first vision trip.

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After learning of the vision of this organization at one of the first events, I signed on to become a child sponsor.  I had the privilege to sponsor Bernard, the only surviving child to Winifred.  The lives of Bernard and his Mom, Winifred, were impacted by the AIDS epidemic in Eastern Kenya.  Bernard lost his father and little brother.  Winifred lost her husband and youngest son.  Having no other family to help with the basic needs,   Winifred was left to provide what she could.  Gratefully, Tumaini was able to provide those basic needs, medical, nutrition, and education.

Years later I had opportunity to see first-hand the impact this organization had and continues to have on the community.  During that first visit I had the privilege of meeting Bernard and Winifred for the very first time at their home.  It was during that visit that we discovered that their home was in such disrepair that something needed to be done for the safety of the family.  Tumaini was able to provide an estimate of costs and supplies to give to me. Because of their “hand up” approach, because of their relationship with Bernard and Winifred, Tumaini provided a pathway for my family to have the much needed repairs completed.   Just last year I visited Bernard and Winifred at their home.  When it was time to take Bernard back to school he wanted me to meet his classmates.  Soon thereafter I was able to meet with the Headmaster of the school – I am very pleased to say Bernard is doing very well in his studies!  I am grateful for the opportunity to invest in Bernard, watching him grow relationally, physically, and spiritually as we continue to come along side.   Recently I had opportunity to sponsor Isika, he is an 11 year old boy who lives with his guardian (his sister), his brother and sisters.   Seeing what we can accomplish together, I am excited to see how God continues to provide for my boys.  I’m grateful to see them grow relationally, physically, and spiritually.  I’m grateful for the opportunity to visit with them, which always tends to be a mutual encouragement!  So why give hope?  To invest in the future of children who can continue to tell the story of hope of Jesus.

Tumaini provides hope to the community in the form of medical and socio-economic programs.  During my recent visit to Kenya I had opportunity to meet Nicholas who oversees the Community Based Organization (CBO) arm of Tumaini.  We visited two CBOs that visit.  Our first visit to the Tumathane CBO – a community organization of over 20 members.  Because of the “hands up” approach, through the investment of time, assessment of assets/resources, relationships, and financial resources, Tumaini provided a pathway for this community to re-invest themselves and their resources back into the community.   Child sponsorship had been my primary focus in giving hope.  After seeing this practical and effective expression of empowerment and hope, I’ve found a second niche in CBO.  I had been praying for a means to express hope and found it.  Shortly after returning home from my trip I made the investment in continuing hope and empowerment through Community Based Organizations.

So why do I give hope through Tumaini?  Because of their “hands up” approach to walking along side others as they find true identity of loved children of God.