Joel | From Child Sponsored to Tumaini Staff


Joel is a man of few words but has great dedication to his duties.  He is a Tumaini alumni and I am pleased to share his unfolding journey in the text that follows…

"I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the spiritual, moral, and financial support that I received from Tumaini. I count myself lucky and blessed for having been part of Tumaini since high school up to today. Losing both my parents at a very tender age was not something easy and almost crippled my dreams as a young kid. I remember very well there was a time we would go to school, together with my siblings, just for the sake of it with absolutely no idea how life would be after completing eighth grade since there was no one willing to pay for our school fees.

We had less food, wore torn clothes, and almost became beggars. …. hope was gone, and the only option we had was to sit back and wait for God. …Sometime in 2004 He responded through Tumaini.  For the first time I gave my life to Jesus and everything turned around. My faith in Christ and hope were fully restored and for the first time in my life I started dreaming big, setting goals, and working hard in school because I knew this was the only way I was going to drive poverty out of our family. Tumaini enabled me to graduate from high school and in 2010 offered me a full scholarship at Hope International University, in California, where I got a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Management.

Since December of 2015 I have been back in Kenya, and  in early last  year, I providentially got a chance to serve in Tumaini as the Donor Services Coordinator, an opportunity that I treasure so much. As a Tumaini beneficiary I find joy in what I do and am convinced that this is exactly what the Lord wants me to do….Dealing with families and kids that are currently facing almost the same challenges I went through several years ago has really kept me close to God.

No matter how hard I try, nothing can repay all that Tumaini has done for me. I always encourage my younger brothers and sisters, who are under sponsorship to pray, work hard, and stay focused in everything that they do.  I am a living testimony and can assure them that having been raised in a poor family is not the end of the world. My faith in God, hope, sheer hard work, and making use of the opportunities that God has provided through Tumaini has given me the platform to share and encourage them.”

[Stanley] We are very proud of alumni like Joel  and other nearly 800 alumni who have received hope. Some have come back to work for Tumaini and we are honored to serve as colleagues.  Thank you to all child sponsors and donors in general for your incredible generosity.  Without you, there may not be a Joel today.  Truly grateful to you all.