A Tangible Hope

A Tangible Hope

Some of you may have met Stephen before. After completing high school, he volunteered at our field office in Masii, Kenya.  Stephen is always jovial and welcoming and has come a long way from a humble background.

Stephen lost his mom in 1996 when he was three years old with his dad also passing the following year. After the dad's passing, Stephen and his three older siblings were taken in by their uncle. It was, however, difficult for the uncle to provide for the children's basic needs along with his own family. Stephen remembers how hard it was sometimes getting a single meal. Humanly speaking, the future looked very bleak for Stephen.

But little did he know that hope was on the way. Stephen put it best saying, "I thank God…. things took a new shape when I received sponsorship in the year 2004 by Tumaini International …. I was enabled to continue with schooling, and all my basic needs were catered for until I graduated grade 12."

After graduating from high school, Stephen worked as an intern until he joined the university. He recalls going to college as another miracle because his sponsorship had initially ended after completing 12th grade. Stephen states, "God opened another chance, and I got a sponsor through Tumaini who paid my college fees, and I was able to pursue a Diploma in Education!" Today Stephen is as happy and jovial as ever and teaches high school Biology and Agriculture. 

Stephen is another example of the many success stories we witness every day at Tumaini International. Thank you for faithfully offering tangible hope to so many deserving orphans like Stephen, who proclaims, "I can truly say that God has performed miracles through Tumaini….Tumaini has taught us that people should live to touch others' lives positively….I would like to promise that I will live to do this to others."

Thank you for bringing hope where there was previously none.  Such opportunities are endless.

Thank you all.

Stanley Mutunga, 
Tumaini International