Hannah L

Travels in Kenya

Hannah L. 

Meet Hannah L. Hannah is a highschooler who traveled to Kenya for the first time this summer with her sister, Hannah E (featured in the previous blog). 

Here are some of her thoughts on the experience: 


How I heard about Tumaini International....

Tumaini had a strong partnership with the church that my father and I were attending in 2012, and as my dad heard more and more about the organization and the hope that it represented for young children in Africa, my father felt the calling to go.  He ended up going twice, and on his third time, he took me with him hoping to share what he had experienced the previous two years with his family. 

My first time in Kenya...

This was my first time in Kenya! Besides the crazy traffic, I thought the country was amazing! Probably because the people and children we met were amazing and represented their country well. Kenya is extremely different from the US but the people who work for Tumaini, like Stanly and Rose, made the journey an amazing one! 

The highlight of my trip was....

Listening to Kenyan worship and playing soccer! On the second Sunday of the trip I was able to listen to Kenyans worship God in Swahili and English, and after church got to spend time getting to know the kids while playing soccer with them!