Giving A Hand Up: Part 2

Tumanthane is another rising CBO. The word Tumanthane means "Let’s take care of each other," and this group truly lives up to its name. Comprised of 25 members, mostly women and a couple of men, Tumanthane does many projects in the region. 
Their projects
Like Mwangaza, they began to help one another through table banking. Members can take a loan at 10% interest rate. 
Through a partnership with Tumaini, other projects have been added within the past year. In 2016 we gave the group a grant to purchase five Galla goats. These are high-grade male goats that were brought in to crossbreed with the local ones.  The group started off with 34 goats, and within a year, the number has more than doubled to 78 goats. So each member now has three goats. The goats provide enough milk for domestic use as well as revenue. We also offered a second grant to purchase a 100 seater tent for hire early this year.  Within seven months, the tent has brought an income of $370.  They can provide for their families and pay for their kids’ education and healthcare needs. Recently we gave the group an interest-free loan of $500 to support their new poultry project. They are planning to start the project in January 2018. Lastly, we provide technical support and exposure trips to this group. These monthly training include improved farming, financial management, group cohesion, and bookkeeping.