Vibrant Victoria

Vibrant Victoria

In August, 16-year-old Victoria received a diagnosis of a brain tumor. Thankfully, the tumor turned out to be benign, and the doctors were confident that a quick operation would save Victoria’s life.  But there was one big challenge:  We needed over $6,000 to pay for the surgery within weeks.  We shared the need with Victoria’s single mom and her church in Kenya, but they were financially unable to provide the funds. Victoria’s sponsor and her church in Yuma, AZ were very supportive and donated to the cost! I can’t thank them enough for their generous participation. 

However, we still needed to raise a substantial remaining amount to meet the full cost, so we reached into our General Fund account to cover the remaining cost of Victoria's operation. This is one of the reasons why the General Fund is so critical to Tumaini, to meet the unexpected cost issues that arise from time to time.


I am very grateful to those of you who regularly give to our General Fund.  It was through your generosity that we were able to pay for Victoria’s surgery and the subsequent treatment. Today, Victoria is on her way to full recovery and has resumed her studies at Tumaini International Girls High School to pursue her future dreams.  

Thank you for empowering us to continue providing tangible hope to a population of vulnerable children who have lost so much.  Without the General Fund, it would have been impossible to afford Victoria’s operation. It is this General Fund that makes it possible for us to meet such medical and other emergencies throughout the year.

With your help, we can give them hope one child at a time.  Thank you all!

Stanley Mutunga,