Fish & Chips | The Story of James

Fish & Chips

James, once a Tumaini child, is now a family man with a business on the rise. But James has come a long way. Here is part of his story:

James' mom died while giving birth to his young sister. At the time James was still a toddler, so his elder sister had to take the responsibility of parenting him and the other three siblings. James describes how they lived during those very challenging days.
“Life was not the same again, and we were living as refugees in our land. We could not even afford the basics and even joining school was just like a dream. ….. we went the whole day without food, and mostly maize flour porridge was the best food for us. For a couple of years, we did not afford any new clothing and only survived with what our mom left for us before she passed on.”


It was during those dark days that a pastor brought the kid’s situation to Tumaini’s attention and James became sponsored. Once sponsored, Tumaini took all the responsibilities of paying his school fees, buying him clothes and making sure he did not lack food, which to James, was, "like a miracle from above.”
After completing high school three years ago, James was employed to work at a fish café. Within a short period of time, he was able to establish his own fish café, which he hopes to grow depending on the availability of capital.  James is now a married man to Faith, and they have a daughter by the name of Joy.

A few years ago, James was delighted to meet his sponsors P & J when they visited him during a vision trip.  James still remembers the impact of their sponsorship. Meeting them, he recalled the impact they had on his life.

You are amazing partners. Together we continue to bring hope to orphans without hope like James. Thank you for caring.

Stanley Mutunga,