Giving A Hand Up: Part 2

Tumanthane is another rising CBO. The word Tumanthane means "Let’s take care of each other," and this group truly lives up to its name. Comprised of 25 members, mostly women and a couple of men, Tumanthane does many projects in the region. 
Their projects
Like Mwangaza, they began to help one another through table banking. Members can take a loan at 10% interest rate. 
Through a partnership with Tumaini, other projects have been added within the past year. In 2016 we gave the group a grant to purchase five Galla goats. These are high-grade male goats that were brought in to crossbreed with the local ones.  The group started off with 34 goats, and within a year, the number has more than doubled to 78 goats. So each member now has three goats. The goats provide enough milk for domestic use as well as revenue. We also offered a second grant to purchase a 100 seater tent for hire early this year.  Within seven months, the tent has brought an income of $370.  They can provide for their families and pay for their kids’ education and healthcare needs. Recently we gave the group an interest-free loan of $500 to support their new poultry project. They are planning to start the project in January 2018. Lastly, we provide technical support and exposure trips to this group. These monthly training include improved farming, financial management, group cohesion, and bookkeeping.


Giving A Hand Up: Part 1

One of the ways to empower poor communities is to offer opportunities for work. At Tumaini, we are truly grateful for the opportunities to not only sponsor vulnerable children and give them hope but also to work in the communities where they come from and empower entire villages. We provide this empowerment through community-based organizations (CBOs). Through your generous donations, we are currently supporting 10 CBOs, mostly youth and women. Our goal is to double the number in 2018, primarily supporting those CBOs formed by Tumaini high school alumni.

 Here are success stories of just two CBOs:

The women of Mwangaza CBO are no longer just sitting idle and waiting for someone to give them hand-outs. The word Mwangaza means light and this group of 17 women from Ngangani village is becoming a light to their community, both in their faith and economic development.

Their projects
Before partnering with Tumaini, this CBO depended on table banking as their primary means of supporting themselves.  Table banking is a practice whereby members gather around a table each time they meet weekly and make contributions. Members are then able to take loans at 10% interest rate. With this money, members were able to meet some of their basic needs but didn’t go very far.


Through the partnership with Tumaini, Mwangaza has been able to make some economic gains over the past two years.  We have assisted them in technical support. We provide the group with technical support in the areas of financial management, better farming methods, bookkeeping and group cohesion.  These pieces of training are offered on a monthly basis. In 2016 we provided the group with a Posho Mill machine. The machine is used to grind cereals that are a staple food in the region. The device serves the needs of the members as well as the surrounding communities, a population of 3500. So far this year, they have revenue of $200. This year, we provided a grant for $820. The funds have been used to renovate the group’s old greenhouse which had not been operational for quite some time. By the end of this month (December) they will be harvesting 1700 pieces of cabbage which are estimated to earn them $600. Lastly, we provided a free interest loan of $700 to enable the group purchase a hand water pump and install a drip line system. As a result, the group is now able to feed part of the neighborhood population with green vegetables. 


Theresia's Success Story

It seems like just the other day Theresia was a young child in our program. Today, she is a thriving professional, wife and a mother of a beautiful two-year-old daughter, Lishan. Earlier this month I visited Theresia at her insurance office in Kitengela, Kenya where she has been working for UAP Old Mutual Insurance since 2012 upon graduating with a Secretarial Diploma from Machakos University. 

Theresia couldn’t be happier. In her quiet and confident manner, she recalls how difficult life was before her sponsorship. Theresia always held close the support and hope her sponsor Gary gave her as she succeeded in high school and college. She knows and believes in what she is doing.

Theresia’s success is also your success. It is a success story for everyone who has given funds to invest in child sponsorship. It is gratifying to see the impact of those who go on to complete college or start their own business. These strong alumni are breaking the poverty cycle for themselves along with their immediate family and their entire villages.

As we come to the close of 2017, I am urging you to consider a one-time donation to launch our Alumni Fund. From this fund, we will be able to support future “Theresias” and “Douglases.” This fund will give resources to those who qualify for University and help create business opportunities for others. Our goal by January 2018 is to raise $20,000. 

Stanley Mutunga, 


Bringing Hope for High School Graduates


Our alumnus Douglas is a rising star. He is an auditor at giant Kenya Medical Services Authority (KEMSA). Paula sponsored the 24-year-old confident yet soft-spoken Douglas through high school.  Although Douglas didn’t score well enough on his exit exam to join a four-year college after 12thgrade, he was skilled in Mathematics and pursued a CPA course. He completed the course in record time. Thanks to the additional support from Pathway Christian Church, Douglas decided to continue his education with a college degree program. He is now is in his final year of college completing a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Finance Option and hopes to pursue an MBA in Finance soon. Like many Tumaini Alums, he wants to work with other needy children and their families giving back to his community.

I visited Douglas in his office two weeks ago where he took me on a tour of the massive facility. He could not stop talking about his gratitude to his sponsors. While I was there, I also had an opportunity to meet two of his supervisors and was truly blessed to hear them talk so highly of Douglas' positive contribution to the agency, especially his exemplary work ethic. As he shares in this short video clip, Douglas truly represents those who have found hope through sponsorship and is a tribute to your generosity.

As we celebrate Douglas’s success story, I am reminded of the growing need to empower more high school graduates.  Every year there is an average of 60 students graduating and aging out of the Tumaini program who need a hand-up like Douglas. We believe that completing 12th grade should not be the end of their educational and career dreams. 

Due to the Kenyan educational system, only about a third of these high school graduates score well enough to join four-year degree program.  Another third perform well enough to pursue a trade similar to Douglas if funds are available. The remaining one third has to settle for vocational training or look for other jobs which are scarce.

Fish & Chips | The Story of James

Fish & Chips

James, once a Tumaini child, is now a family man with a business on the rise. But James has come a long way. Here is part of his story:

James' mom died while giving birth to his young sister. At the time James was still a toddler, so his elder sister had to take the responsibility of parenting him and the other three siblings. James describes how they lived during those very challenging days.
“Life was not the same again, and we were living as refugees in our land. We could not even afford the basics and even joining school was just like a dream. ….. we went the whole day without food, and mostly maize flour porridge was the best food for us. For a couple of years, we did not afford any new clothing and only survived with what our mom left for us before she passed on.”


It was during those dark days that a pastor brought the kid’s situation to Tumaini’s attention and James became sponsored. Once sponsored, Tumaini took all the responsibilities of paying his school fees, buying him clothes and making sure he did not lack food, which to James, was, "like a miracle from above.”
After completing high school three years ago, James was employed to work at a fish café. Within a short period of time, he was able to establish his own fish café, which he hopes to grow depending on the availability of capital.  James is now a married man to Faith, and they have a daughter by the name of Joy.

A few years ago, James was delighted to meet his sponsors P & J when they visited him during a vision trip.  James still remembers the impact of their sponsorship. Meeting them, he recalled the impact they had on his life.

You are amazing partners. Together we continue to bring hope to orphans without hope like James. Thank you for caring.

Stanley Mutunga,

Vibrant Victoria

Vibrant Victoria

In August, 16-year-old Victoria received a diagnosis of a brain tumor. Thankfully, the tumor turned out to be benign, and the doctors were confident that a quick operation would save Victoria’s life.  But there was one big challenge:  We needed over $6,000 to pay for the surgery within weeks.  We shared the need with Victoria’s single mom and her church in Kenya, but they were financially unable to provide the funds. Victoria’s sponsor and her church in Yuma, AZ were very supportive and donated to the cost! I can’t thank them enough for their generous participation. 

However, we still needed to raise a substantial remaining amount to meet the full cost, so we reached into our General Fund account to cover the remaining cost of Victoria's operation. This is one of the reasons why the General Fund is so critical to Tumaini, to meet the unexpected cost issues that arise from time to time.


I am very grateful to those of you who regularly give to our General Fund.  It was through your generosity that we were able to pay for Victoria’s surgery and the subsequent treatment. Today, Victoria is on her way to full recovery and has resumed her studies at Tumaini International Girls High School to pursue her future dreams.  

Thank you for empowering us to continue providing tangible hope to a population of vulnerable children who have lost so much.  Without the General Fund, it would have been impossible to afford Victoria’s operation. It is this General Fund that makes it possible for us to meet such medical and other emergencies throughout the year.

With your help, we can give them hope one child at a time.  Thank you all!

Stanley Mutunga, 





Mulwa is 8 years old but is only in Kindergarten, the same class as his four-year-old sister Agnes. Most of the day he sits in the same spot and tries to smile at people passing by. According to a recent medical diagnosis, Mulwa is suffering from Angelman syndrome, a genetic complex disorder that affects the nervous system. As a result, Mulwa’s overall development has been adversely affected, especially his ability to speak and move freely on his own.

mulwa 4-3.jpg

Unfortunately, Mulwa’s mother mildly suffers the same condition and this has made it hard for her to take care of her two children.The family is extremely poor as their father has no formal skills and the odd jobs he does are not enough to take care of his family financially.  This is a family that is highly unstable. The good news is that Agnes is sponsored but due to the mother’s mental condition, Tumaini is taking the unusual step to negotiate with the father to allow us to move Agnes to a private boarding school where she can be better-taken care of.  

Mulwa 6–1.jpg

Ordinarily, Tumaini doesn’t sponsor children with both parents or send them to boarding primary schools except in cases of dire vulnerable situations. This family’s situation calls for such an action.  I am appealing to you for Mulwa’s sponsorship so that he can attend a special needs school and get the help that he needs. 

If you are in a position to provide hope to a child with special needs, please consider Mulwa.  Also, you may know of friends or your social networks where you can share this need.  Please do because Mulwa desperately needs some intervention before it is too late to help him.  If you can help, please call us TODAY or click and sponsor Mulwa and provide the hope and stability that he needs.

Mulwa 8 copy2.jpg

Thank you for caring.  I have truly been humbled by your outpouring love and participation in bringing hope to a few deserving children…one child at a time.

Stanley Mutunga, 


Smiling Sarah

Smiling Sarah

If you met Sarah today, she would most likely greet you with a glowing smile.  As she often says, “It [her smile] is a testimony to what tumaini (hope) has brought in my life.”  Although only twenty-five years old, Sarah’s life journey has been full of many twists and turns. Listening to Sarah narrate her past brings both tears and joy.